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Tomato Juice Canning Labels with Bloody Mary Recipe

Tomato Juice 3

At the end of a long season of canning tomato recipes of all kinds, I decided I was out of energy and time. Let’s face it—I was burnt out on canning! I wanted a recipe with no more than a couple ingredients to prepare along with the usual tomatoes. Tomato juice was the answer.

What do you make with tomato juice most commonly? Hmmm . . . Bloody Marys! For holidays, my family usually starts out the morning with Bloody Marys and Mimosas. When I’m preparing a bunch of food for the holiday, I don’t want to be searching for a Bloody Mary recipe last minute. So I put the recipe right on the label of the jar. Easy enough, right? All the proportions are relevant to a quart jar, leaving you with no extra work of dividing or multiplying to make a half or double batch of the recipe. Just don’t forget the vodka! My recipe is just for the mix 🙂
Note: When I ladle the tomato juice into the quart jars before processing them, I leave a touch more head space than usual. This allows the extra room for the Bloody Mary’s additional ingredients to fit. That way you can squeeze your lemon and lime juice along with other ingredients directly into the jar and shake it up before serving. Voila!
Either write in the year along with your name in the given blanks or customize this editable PDF with a PDF editor (such as Sejda—it’s free and you don’t have to download extra software because it works in your browser).


Tomato Juice 2



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