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Basket Shelving for Bathroom Towels – Under $50 Project

Basket shelving-blogBasket-shelving-washers-blogBasket-shelving-brackets-with-nuts-bolts-washers-blog
A few years ago, we gutted and remodeled our current home. This basket shelving idea became one of my first successful and inexpensive DIY projects. We had to save money when it came to decorating and finishing, so this was a great way to create storage for our kid’s bathroom. It has survived five years and has proven sturdiness from the wear and tear of a five-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy.

I bought the baskets half price at Hobby Lobby. I spray painted the brackets, screws, washers and nuts to make them look like an oil rubbed bronze finish. Depending on the finish of hardware in your home, you might be able to skip this step, but I wanted it to match the other hardware in our home. Also, I like how the dark finish blends in with the dark wicker.

To attach the baskets to the wall securely, use wall anchors to mount the brackets to the wall first. Then wiggle the screw with the washer through the wicker and drill it into the other hole in the bracket. Use a nut with a washer to secure the bottom of the basket to the bracket. Washers are a must to prevent wicker damage.

I hope you enjoy the lack of investment in this project (both money and time were minimal). I know I enjoy when a DIY project isn’t time consuming or money consuming! It’s a win, win!




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