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Wine Grape Jelly and Mulled Grape Jelly Jar Labels Printable


My brother-in-law was making grape jelly at their new house where they now happen to have a little vineyard in their backyard—unbelievable, right? Those spoiled rotten Californians! They’ve got it rough, let me tell ya! So he wondered if I would design some canning labels for him as I’ve done in the past for my own canning/preserving. He also said he’d pay me in homemade jelly. I said, “Deal!”

Honestly, my favorite creative past time is designing canning labels—not sure why I get so much joy out of it. I’m strange like that. My husband doesn’t understand my obsession with fonts and . . . a lot of other things. He is more of a left brain thinker, and I am much more interested in right brain activities and ideas. We differ, yet we somehow get along pretty well surprisingly.

If you get excited about customizable jar labels like I do, click on the link below to download and personalize your own grape jelly jar labels. Enjoy having something pretty and homemade in your pantry!

Wine Grape Jelly Canning Labels Printable

Mulled Grape Jelly Canning

Either write in the year along with your name in the given blanks or customize this editable PDF with a PDF editor (such as Sejda—it’s free and you don’t have to download extra software because it works in your browser).

Free Grape Jelly Jar Lid Labels Printable


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