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Hang Christmas Lights on Soffits with Clothes Pins


It’s that time of year again. There’s something about hanging Christmas lights that always seems like a chore, especially, if you don’t do it before Thanksgiving in Nebraska. Exposed frozen fingers while getting tangling in Christmas lights makes for anything but Christmas cheer. It’s a good thing I don’t live in town because profanity usually ensues the frustrating process of hanging exterior Christmas lights.

However, two things have made this chore far easier–brick clips and clothes pins. These two inexpensive things save a lot of money by preventing damage to your house’s soffits and bricks. I bought my brick clips at Lowes. They are specific to the height of the bricks on our house, but there is a variety of sizes available. The clothes pins fit perfectly in the little groove of rows on the soffits of our house. It just pinches right over the lip of metal that curves under the main flat surface of the soffits.

Now just don’t forget to check EVERY string of lights before you put them up. I had a dead string of lights and even tried to replace a couple fuses after I had already put them up. I swore I checked if they lit when I plugged them in, but it was hard to tell in the afternoon’s blazing sunlight. Even after putting up lights for a few years now, I still manage to amaze myself with such stupid occurrences (sigh).

I really should’ve titled this blog post “Christmas Lights for Dummies.”


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