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Advent Calendar Made from Toilet Paper Rolls

A couple years ago, I made this advent calendar with my four-year-old daughter. At the time, she was all about toilet paper roll projects. She never felt frustrated or inconvenienced when she ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom. Rather, I’d hear her shout with excitement, “Mom, we have another toilet paper project to make!” With the plethora of toilet paper rolls, we came up with this little project, and it is still in great shape two years later.

I designed an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet with numbers 1-25, as well as, a sheet of advent activities to cut out and place in the back side of each number in the toilet paper roll. I printed the number sheets on a thicker card stock type of paper. Other than that, just cut each toilet paper roll in half and measure green (we used sparkly green, of course) gift tissue paper so that it will overlap slightly around the roll and glue. That was my daughter’s job- gluing the tissue paper over the roll. Let the elmer’s glue dry over night so the tissue paper doesn’t move and slide around while trying to form the tree shape. Cut one toilet paper roll into five equal sections to make the star on top. Paint these sections gold, and let dry overnight. Using hot glue, stack each roll on top of one another to make the tree, as shown. Hot glue the five sections to make the star shape, and lastly, glue it to the top of the tree.

Press each number inside the roll. It’s almost like one of those “prize punch” solo cup games but with advent activities inside instead. Now just assemble the activities behind each number. The holiday season is always busy, so I really look over our schedule of upcoming activities for school. That way I can choose a super simple and quick advent activity on our busier days.

I hope your kids enjoy this advent calendar as much as mine do. My daughter’s favorite activity is having breakfast for supper. She never forgets that one!

Advent Calendar Material List: 

Toilet paper rolls (14 total rolls to be cut in half to make 25 number slots plus the star)

Green gift tissue paper

Elmer’s glue

Gold paint

Hot glue

Printables for number slots and advent activities (see link below)

Advent Calendar Numbers

Advent Activities


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