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Personalized Sled (a refurbished thrift find)



I am a very visual person. This quality came in handy when we remodeled our house. Staring at a blank space and coming up with a fun design out of nothing was an exciting process for me. I had a blast using sidewalk chalk to mark where walls needed to be knocked out, where walls needed to be put up and what exactly would go there-not to mention the entire design of our kitchen cabinets.

Needless to say, we couldn’t afford buying a bunch of new decorations for our first Christmas in our new house. Both my husband and I are savers. And I’m all for finding creative ways to still get the same look for less-it’s always a fun challenge. I’m very reluctant to ever pay full price on something. You might call me a competitive bargain shopper.

While walking through a thrift store, I saw this old wooden sled with a horrible very old lady/grandma-ish Christmas painting on the front. It was hideous. But I knew right away that I could make something much more appealing from what seemed very unusable at the time. So I painted two coats of red paint to conceal the ugly painting. Then I mimicked one of my favorite fonts and free handed the lettering for our family name. Then I used only four different designs and sizes of snowflakes scattered around the lettering. I didn’t want to use too many, and make it busy as a result.

Lastly, I sprayed a Krylon spray paint called “make it last” clear sealer ($5 at Hobby Lobby). I use this clear sealer spray paint on anything that I put outside, as well (garden signs, etc.). However, I do hang this sled on our front door wall inside the house. I’m not much for making wreaths, so this sled is hung in place of a wreath.

Next time you visit a thrift store during the holiday season, keep an open mind when you see something seemingly unusable.


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