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Newborn Keepsakes Ornament

Shadow boxes are key in displaying your baby’s hospital “take home outfit” along with wristband, footprints and birth stats. But what about all of the cute socks, mittens and and even the hospital hat they always send home with you? I know I couldn’t fit those extra few things in my kids’ shadow boxes. I can’t bear the idea of never seeing those teeny little newborn socks and mittens again. Once they get put in a storage tote, you’ll either never see them again, or they’ll make a trip to the Salvation Army someday. Have I mentioned that I’m always finding ways to repurpose seemingly unusable or obsolete items?

I am sentimental. Actually, that’s an enormous understatement. I cried like a baby when I sorted through baby clothes deciding which to keep and which to give away. We don’t plan on having more than two kids, but I just can’t bare the thought of never seeing their clothes again. It’s like I’m parting with those memories. I rationalize this need to have baby clothes as keepsakes by telling myself I’m keeping them for my future grandchildren.

Baby clothes–even toddler sizes are so hard to part with primarily because you snuggle with them so much at that age and remember their clothing associated with those memories that much more vividly. And the newborn socks that I used for these ornaments were like brand new because, let’s face it, newborns are always kicking their socks off and definitely never wearing out socks by walking in them.

So for this Christmas ornament,  I stuffed a few keepsake items in a large clear glass ball ornament, including one pair of newborn socks, mittens and their hospital hat. Then I painted a small wooden letter gold to represent their first initial. Then I wrapped a ribbon through the loop on the ornament and tied the wooden letter on.

Not to sound to cheesy, but it really does warm my heart to pull these ornaments out of storage while decorating our Christmas tree each year. Half the joy of decorating is seeing all of the handmade ornaments we’ve done throughout the years.

Before your kids grow up any faster, go find your newborn storage totes and round up your baby’s keepsakes and display them in a Christmas ornament. I hope you enjoy getting to see them at Christmas time each year as much as I do!


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