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Outer Space Birthday Invite

Editable Outer Space Invitation PDF

I hope your New Year’s celebration was a great start to 2017! You know you’re getting old (or you’re a parent) when a nap is now a prerequisite to a New Year’s Eve party. We just had a small celebration with my friend and her husband who are now expecting. So we were at least in the same boat with fatigue-for different reasons, of course. Her energy is used up while incubating her baby while my two kiddos demand energy exertion constantly in order to keep up with them. We joke that pregnancy is just the beginning of the energy crisis.

When I tucked my daughter in bed last night, we said our usual “good night, sleep tight,” and then I added, “See you next year!” At first, she was confused, but then quickly figured it out. She always remembers that her birthday is in the first month of the new year. This year she wanted an outer space themed birthday party. She’s been reading this book about the universe for a couple years now, and never gets tired of learning about the solar system. In August, she asked me, “How did people get here?” And I thought she was referring to the dreaded, “How are babies born?” question again because she asked that all the time prior to this question. She always told me, “Mom, I can handle it. Just tell me.” So my response was, “You’ll find out how we’re born when you get older.” She continued, “No, I mean like, how did people get here before everyone and everything was here?” Woe! The birth of the universe! The biggest question EVER! So I explained the theory from her universe book-the big bang theory! Whether you’re five or 50, this question is still asked with the same amount of awe and wonder.

The outer space themed birthday party fits her curiosity of the final frontier perfectly. I always design my kids’ birthday invitations, so I thought it’d be cute to drop a photo of her face into the artwork of an astronaut. Below is a PDF file of the 4×6″ invitation. You can edit the text with a PDF editor and drop in your own photo. I saved the final product as a JPEG file and printed them as 4×6 photos. I love personalized birthday invitations, and I hope your kiddos enjoy this invite’s design as much as my daughter did.


Note: I think Wondershare PDFelement is a great program if you’re interested in editing PDF files very often. I don’t use it regularly because I use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop for all of my projects. However, I downloaded the free trial to see how well it worked so I could offer a solution for editing PDFs. It’s a one-time fee in comparison to the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC that you have to pay a monthly fee. 

Otherwise, for basic PDF editing without editing images placement, I recommend Sejda—it’s free and you don’t have to download extra software because it works in your browser.


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