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“So God Made a Farmer . . . and a Farmer’s Wife” Canvas Prints

So God made a Farmer-9x11-8x10canvas with 1-2 inch

My dad loved Paul Harvey’s radio broadcasts, and his favorite happens to be “So God Made a Farmer.” It suits him well to say the least. Farming was a substantial part of my dad’s life from the day he was born to a farmer. His dad passed away before I was born, but I can bet that this story about a farmer closely resembled his outlook and demeanor, as well. My dad grew up learning the lifestyle and work ethic of farming and made it his goal to teach his children by his own example just like his dad did for him. He worked long hours (insanely long hours to be certain), but never complained. He didn’t get to be home as often as he would’ve liked so he never refrained from welcoming his kids into the combine (which was a tight squeeze) with him when he could have just enjoyed the piece and quiet in the field. He has always had and still has a strong role in the community—never does he turn down someone in need of a helping hand. He never fails to put others’ interests before his own. As a child, I never realized how often he spread himself thin to make ends meet, but he never showed any resentment or anger even on the most physically and mentally exhausting days. His moral and humble character has been a great example to live by, and I hope he knows how grateful I am for the lessons he’s taught me throughout the years.

On another note, you know how fathers are supposed to model the kind qualities that they’d want their daughter to look for in a future husband? Well, I feel as though I hit the jackpot of similar qualities when I married my husband. To be honest, they are eerily similar—both the admirable and annoying qualities. They are both ambitious, hardworking, humble and level headed. However, they both are also absent minded and tend to misplace just about anything because they are so focused on work, work, work and markets, markets, markets. They can get into a zone, and it’s hard to pry them loose of that mentality when we go on vacation. My mom even calls my husband a clone of my dad. He may have been a city boy from the get-go, but he nevertheless had the makings for a farmer.

So God made a Farmer's Wife-9x11-8x10canvas with 1-2 inch

Now I’ll move onto the “So God Made a Farmer’s Wife” canvas print gift.

For my mom’s birthday, I put together a version of “So God Made a Farmer’s Wife.” It was edited and reedited several times to make it customized to my mom’s experiences. A farmer’s wife’s efforts and dedication are often shadowed by her husband’s work on the farm. I never fully realized how much support my mom offered to such a lifestyle until I became a farmer’s wife. I know she often felt that her role was unappreciated, but I hope she can always look at this compilation and remember that she has been recognized for her work, as well.

I hope you’ll find someone—whether it’s your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, relative or friend—who would enjoy this canvas print as a personalized gift. You’ll find that I am always trying to come up with an idea for homemade or personalized gifts. It can be very difficult to find practical gifts for adults. Let’s face it—adults are hard to buy for. They have most things they need and have personal tastes for what they don’t.

You can print this exactly as it is (in the .JPG image format), or you may edit the editable .PDF file version with a PDF editor (see below).

So God made a Farmer’s Wife-9×11-8x10canvas with 1-2 inch

I printed this artwork on a basic 8 x 10 inch canvas with a 0.5 inch gallery wrap. I designed it to be 9 x 11 inches to compensate for the 0.5″ surrounding gallery-wrap. Right now they are having a 50 percent off sale at Sam’s Club photo center. The original cost for this 8 x 10 canvas print is $17.86, which is dropped to $8.93. Not too shabby! Check it out at the link below if you’re interested in printing this artwork.

Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Note: I think Wondershare PDFelement is a great program if you’re interested in editing .PDF files very often. I don’t use it regularly because I use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop for all of my projects. However, I downloaded the free trial to see how well it worked so I could offer a solution for editing PDFs. It’s a one-time fee in comparison to the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC that you have to pay a monthly fee. 

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac


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