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Conflicted Weather: Springtime Transitioned Back to Wintertime


It’s been an unbelievable five days of winter weather during what is supposed to be springtime. My son looked out the patio window only to see more snow coming down and coating the field near our backyard. His response to the view was, “Mom, it needs to get better outside!” He’s tired of being cooped up and so am I. My daughter even had the day off from school today, but we were still housebound and trying to come up with more indoor crafts and games to keep occupied. I feel like my two kids are at the height of their sibling rivalry, so being occupied with activities is necessary these days. The sad part is, I know deep down that the sibling rivalry is just beginning and won’t get better until they finally become friends in their college years.

In addition to the dreaded winter scene out our window, the pressure switch on our well needed to be replaced this morning which didn’t allow us to have any running water for a few hours. Yes, we definitely sound like we live back in the days of “Little House on the Prairie.” Having to live without running water or electricity for a short time during summer storms or even worse during blizzards that have been known to wipe out power for days on end around here makes you really appreciate the luxuries that they truly are. You just don’t realize it until you’re without those amenities. Okay, I’ll quit whining, but in my defense, I have been cooped up with a six-year-old and three-year-old who’ve been at odds about 70 percent of the day. I heart nap time! I need to come up with a game plan for the upcoming summer months when they’ll be together everyday. Thank goodness school is out during the summer months instead of winter—there is far less to fight over outside than inside . . . not much for toys outside, just imagination.

As long as the weather stays warm for the remainder of spring, I should remain slightly more sane with wide open spaces for the littles to run free. Despite the brutally cold weather the past few days, my vegetable garden held in there. Yes indeed, my garden survived snow accumulation! To my surprise, every single plant lived through it. Like I said, we had snow this morning, but it is supposed to get to 50 degrees this afternoon finally. So I thought I’d uncover my garden for a short while to allow some much needed sunlight. When I lifted the first ice cream bucket off my tomato plant, I was baffled by the perfect green stem and leaves. And each following plant, whether it was a pepper, spinach sprout or beet sprout, looked amazingly healthy.  Yay for a large supply of old bed sheets and ice cream buckets—they worked wonderfully in their purpose to prevent frost and furthermore (as shown) to prevent winter kill. Frost in the morning is one thing, but winter weather for five straight days is undeniably hard on vegetable gardens. I just hope our planted corn in the fields is going to be as damage-free as my garden was.

If you’re interested in any other gardening tips, check out my recent post “Essential Supply List & Tips for Planting a Vegetable Garden.”

Think Spring!

My tomato plant survived!
Even the delicate spinach sprouts made it.



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