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First & Last Day of School Printable Fill in the Blank for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

First and Last Day of School Fill in the Blank Sheet

My daughter started kindergarten this year, and I decorated a little chalkboard sign with chalkboard markers for her to take her “first day of school” photo with. However, I didn’t have anything documenting her favorite things or specific details related to school.

I’ve held onto ridiculous amounts of crafts, drawings and cards from her preschool era, so I thought it might be nice to organize each of her school year’s keepsakes in simple three-inch white binders. Yes . . . three-inch! I attempted one-inch binders, but that soon overflowed for obvious reasons. It’s always tough to weed through what is defined as a keepsake and what is not. Memories are precious, and I have a hard time parting with those cute little primitive drawings and cards galore. Hopefully, these organized binders rationalize my need to keep all those doodles.

For the cover sheets of these binders, I designed a fill in the blank for the first and last day of school—the first day of school sheet being on the front of the binder and the last day on the back. These fill in the blank questions cover a variety of details, and it will be fun to see how those details change by the end of the year—whether it’s her favorite things or what she looks forward to in the next year of school. Her school colors are red and black, and she has a little brother who will use these sheets someday, too. I figured he might not want a super girly design theme so I kept it pretty gender neutral. Boys like chevron, right?

Click the link below to download the PDF of the first and last day of school fill in the blank for kindergarten through sixth grade. Enjoy and savor those memories!

First day of school fill in the blank K-6th printable PDF

Last day of school fill in the blank K-6th printable PDF



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